Understanding the Threat and Urgency of the Cuomo Crisis

School Funding

  • Cuomo’s plan fails to meet the state’s constitutional obligation for funding schools, continuing to withhold more than $2 billion owed to NYC public schools under the Campaign for Fiscal Equity settlement.
  • The CFE obligation is not being made good on in this budget despite the fact that we have a budget surplus for the first time since the recession.
  • The amount that should be given–but is not–to Brooklyn District 15 is about $71 million.

Charter Schools

  • The Charter School Cap for NYC would be increased by 100
  • Per pupil funding would be increased for Charter School Students by $75

Teacher Evaluations

50% of every teacher’s evaluation will be based on state test scores

  • This might lead to more test prep at many schools due to the high-stakes, rather than instructionally diagnostic, nature of the tests.

  • This could potentially result in the loss of teachers from schools with high needs.
  • This has a potential impact on teachers at schools where it is harder to show growth, such as those with already high-performing students.
  • This could lead to teachers leaving testing grades and refusing to teach special education.
  • The American Statistical Association warned that this system should not even be used to rate teachers, as teacher influence accounts for very little of the variation in scores relative to factors such as poverty.

50% will be based on observations, one by the principal (15 pts.) and the other by independent observers (35 points).

  • How much will it cost tax payers to pay independent evaluators to rate 200,000 teachers every year?
  • An independent evaluator will have greater weight than the principal, who works with staff daily (Note that the CSA is standing with the UFT on this)

Changes to Teacher Evaluation: