Teachers Talk Testing Forum
December 3rd at 6:30pm
PS 321  180 7th Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Please join us to learn about how New York City and New York State's high stakes testing policies are impacting teachers professionally and in the classroom and how this affects our children.  

Presenters include: 

Alex Messer, teacher at PS 321
Ronda Matthews, teacher at PS 321
Sara Greenfield, teacher at PS 321
Julie Cavanagh, teacher at PS 15 
Sam Coleman, teacher at PS 24
Celia Oyler, Professor,  Teachers College, Columbia University
Liz Phillips, Principal, PS 321

Followed by Q&A

Discuss how we can get our voices heard by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, NY State Education Commissioner John King and the NY Board of Regents.

Did you know: 

  • Student test scores alone can lead to an ineffective rating for teachers
  • Students can be denied promotion based on test scores alone but parents are not able to see the test
  • 85% of an elementary school's report card is based on test scores