We will be updating it shortly with teacher testimonials from the 12/3 Teachers Talk Testing Forum. In the meantime, please watch this short film: Parents' Message to de Blasio, made by Parent Voices NY.

One of the most effective ways to get your families and school community involved and taking action to lower the stakes around testing is to speak out yourself! “Teachers Talk Testing” will be a platform to help you do just that. We encourage New York teachers to submit their own testimonials to us. We will help you post them, and provide you with a link you can share with your school community. Many families want to hear from you… and they are far more likely to join us in working to help lower the stakes around testing if they do.

Simply record a 2-5 minute video clip about the ways that the current high stakes tests are weighing on you professionally… as well as on your classroom and students. Share your story. Speak from the heart. We'll help with the rest! Submit your video to